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Dokumentu glabāšana - Storage Solutions SIA


STORAGE BOXES SYSTEMS ARE AN ESSENTIAL ADVANTAGE OVER STORAGE SHELVES: boxes provide a convenient, fast and confidential documents relocation; boxes of documents prevents damage during transport and storage; Documents box less exposed to light and dust; The fee for storage is calculated transparently and correctly, because the customer only pay for actually contained boxes; box may plug or seal up; storing documents in boxes, optimally used storage space, so storage box system is cheaper than the rack system.

Dokumentu arhivēšana - Storage Solutions SIA


Sometimes a document can be so many that it's not possible to find anything. In such cases, our useful experience and advice document archiving or arranging. It is important to organize your documents in a systematic manner to meet customer-relevant document search features - a document type, units, nomenclature number, the date of the contract - the practice is very different. For larger customers are helping to establish a procedure for the many departments of the documents are arranged in archival boxes and immediately deposited to the exclusion of documents the accumulation of corporate accounting. 

Dokumentu glabāšana
Dokumentu arhivēšana
Dokumentu iznīcināšana - Storage Solutions SIA


Our experience shows that usually about half of the customer's retention of documents is over the storage period. Therefore, it takes charge of the archives, kept only half of the whole of the volume. In addition, if the documents continue to be kept by us, the customer vacant space, shelves and employee time. Additional savings can be obtained by holding the register of documents in folders, as well as in each archive box storing documents with the same shelf life.

Dokumentu iznīcināšana
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