Document storage

Storage boxes systems are an essential advantage over storage shelves

(1) boxes provide a convenient, fast and confidential documents relocation; (2) boxes of documents prevents damage during transport and storage; (3) Documents box less exposed to light and dust; (4) The fee for storage is calculated transparently and correctly, because the customer only pay for actually contained boxes; (5) box may plug or seal up; (6) storing documents in boxes, optimally used storage space, so storage box system is cheaper than the rack system.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS archive boxes  dimensions CM: 42.5 (height) X 33 (width) X 26.6 (Depth)

Our standard archive box is specially designed considering of long-standing and proven experience. The box and lid are easy to handle, which significantly facilitates the paperwork, transportation, storage and discovery. In the box can be placed 15 kg paper or 5 full register folders. Both the box and the box lid is foldable and their is not necessary to use clamps or adhesive tape. Practice shows that the boxes, which are larger than our used either failed to pass in the document loaded weight (often breaks down during loading or transport), or is extremely severe (and increasing the cost of slowing down the loading). Each box is assigned a unique bar code, which in combination with a shelf or pallet boxes electronic address and description of the content allows you to quickly find desired documents. It is important to be able to find the necessary documents at any caste handling or transport time.

We have BIG experience with big capacity of documents for ranking and transportation

First archival documents are put in boxes, at the same time creating a list of documents. Then the box on a flat system are loaded on palette. Each pallet is assigned a unique number, which is linked to all of the palettes existing bar codes. Thus, it is possible to find the necessary documents at any handling or transport time. Prepare the pallet loading and stowage of the vehicle takes only a few minutes. It allows you to quickly move significant volumes of documents.