Destruction of documents


Customer's volume of documents is often measured in tons or hundreds of thousands of documents. It is therefore essential to systematically destroy the documents with expired period of storage. Using archive management program we follow the document retention periods. Usually at the beginning of the calendar year to inform their clients about the exact number of documents to be destroyed.

Document storage DUE DATE

Document storage minimum time limits set by the existing legislation and the shelf life of a variety of document types is different. Of course, the responsibility of the client is to identify and document storage for longer periods than down laws. When it's the implications destruction moment, the customer convenience in the document destruction act. Document destruction is taking place only after the customer has verified and accepted by the list of documents to be destroyed.

Document shredding 

In order to maintain the confidentiality of destroyed documents are shredded on-site storage. In cases where the documents are stored in the client registry folders by document destruction folders can be used again.